BCP For the Emotions

It seems like a feeling of deja vu . Around same time last year as nation we were dealing with Covid’19 crisis. And cut to April 2021, while we were just getting used to ( and also fed up) of the new normal, the second wave of Covid’19 struck. …

People Pulse

As I sit down to write the blog- I wonder is there even a need to write another blog on HR best practices. There is so much out there in the market yet there seems to be a void in understanding of what really works in the HR domain. As someone who has close to 12 years of total work experience in the corporate world, out of which seven have been as an HR professional. My approach to life and job has been pretty much the same. …

Abhishek Chatterjee

HR Guru, L & D expert. Student of the combat arts, psychology, behavioral sciences and the mind. NLP Practitioner and a human!

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